Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hibiscus Cafe

My sister and I wanted to have one last brunch together before she went home to B.C. I still hadn't taken her to Kensington Market, one of my favourite places in Toronto, so we decided to go to the Hibiscus Cafe on Augusta. It is an entirely gluten-free and vegan restaurant serving up some of the most delcious and satisfying crepes I have ever tried.

The cafe offers a good selection of salads, daily soup, and baked gluten-free treats. But it was their buckwheat crepes we were after. First though, we wanted some caffeine and we ordered an iced coffee ($3) and an espresso ($1.75) for the much needed energy boost. We were the first people there (it opens at 11) and managed to snag the high-top window seat where we could watch the eclectic Kensington crowd pass by.

Kenz knew she wanted a crepe with brie. The server explained that the crepes listed were just some suggestions and that we could combine any flavours we wanted. She decided to blend the pear, chutney and pecan option with brie ($7.96). The crepe arrived overflowing with pears and nuts, with a slightly spicy ginger mango chutney that paired wonderfully with the soft brie.

I always have to have something sweet for my first meal of the day. I chose the banana and walnut crepe ($7), and was so glad I did. There was a wonderful salty sweetness about it and we both wondered if they had salted the bananas before hand. It was served with slices of strawberries and maple syrup on the side. I absolutely loved this dish (and wished I could get another before my stomach realized how full I was).

The cafe filled up quickly and everyone around us ordered big bowls of mixed salads and steaming cups of sweet potato soup. I will definitely be back here to try the rest of their menu!